Flat Pack Fire Pit with Cooking Kit
Flat Pack Fire Pit

Flat Pack Fire Pit with Cooking Kit

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Flat Pack Fire Pit

The designers of the 'Flat Pack Fire Pit' love travelling around Australia, cooking potatoes in the coals, meals in the camp oven and forgetting what day it is….. It's this love of adventure that led to the creation of the Flat Pack Fire Pit and associated accessories. As great as it is to throw a fire together on the ground at an overnight stop or a free camp site not all places allow this freedom and mostly for good reason.                

So they set out to create a Fire Pit that was easy to set up and be packed away into the least space. It needed to be tough, not ruined by the heat from a roaring fire and not leave areas of burnt ground underneath.

While testing their fire pits, other travellers also loved the toughness and simplicity of the design. This inspired them to keep refining them to what they are today. The Fire Pits are manufactured in Sydney from BLUESCOPE TRU-SPEC® Australian steel and come with a convenient 24kg storage/carry bag.

You don't have to be on a camping or touring adventure to enjoy the great benefits of a Fire Pit. A Flat Pack Fire Pit can be the centre piece in the smartest of back yards. They are designed to be no fuss, simple and robust. So, whether it's to stay cozy and warm or to cook your next meal, a 'Flat Pack Fire Pit' has it covered.

Weight - 22kg

Cooking Kit

Extend the possibilities or your Flat Pack Fire Pit with these genuine accessories. Great for those wishing to take their fire pit on the road.

1 x 24kg rated Carry Bag

2 x Accessory Holders

1 x Solid BBQ Plate

1 x Slotted Grill Plate

1 x Pot & Pan Holder

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